The Story — It continues:

The FireAnts want to reach the Moon without using a rocket and without expending a lot of energy. The FireAnts gathered in a convenient place and begun to form a chain. One FireAnt connected to the next FireAnt and another and another and so on and so forth. In the beginning, the FireAnts chain protruded only a few inches out of the FireAnts burrow, and the FireAnts chain grew yard by yard until it was more than a mile high. Farther and farther the FireAnts built their chain into the sky, it already towered above the clouds. It didn’t take long to reach weightless space — then the chain tightened, and the FireAnts chain formation continued at increasing speed. Precisely aligned to the Moon, the FireAnts chain grew with unstoppable speed, but soon the last of the two hundred and ten million FireAnts had joined the chain. Immediately, the rearmost FireAnt began to break free and climb up the chain, directly followed by the now last FireAnt of the chain. Soon they reached the top of the FireAnts chain and joined it as the foremost link. Using this method, the FireAnts chain moved freely through the universe and reached their destination, the Moon, in a very short time!

side note: As soon as the FireAnts reached their destination, they saw a small rocket with a dog in it explode halfway to the Moon. A negligent “tweet” had destroyed the retail engines of the rocket!



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