Passive income with yield farms and defi staking pools

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3 min readApr 28, 2022


Why work for money if your money can work for you?
Web3 and decentralized finance offers its users full control of their assets
and a variety of benefits that cannot be found in traditional finance.

What is yield farming?
To provide liquidity in a decentralized market, users can lock their tokens in a so-called “liquidity pool” (smart contract). In general, the user is providing a pair of assets, for example, redFireANTS and Binance Coin (rANTS/BNB). For the provision of these assets, the users get LP-tokens (liquidity provider tokens) that allow withdrawing the provided liquidity. In addition, these LP-tokens can be put on a yield farm to earn third-party tokens. The % APR of yield farms is far from the possibilities you have in traditional finance!

FireANTS Crypto, inc. assets can be found
on with CAKE, with FIELD,
and with SELF as their related farming token.

Check out the farms on, here you can farm Field tokens with redFireANTS, paired with BNB, BUSD, wANTS, FIELD, or wMUE, and wrappedFireants, paired with BUSD, rANTS, FIELD, or wMUE.

In addition, FireANTS Crypto, inc. likes to introduce: The yield farms for redFireANTS, paired with BNB or SELF on

And what is a defi staking pool?
Compared to yield farms, users must not provide liquidity to get LP-tokens to put them on a farm. In a defi staking pool (smart contract), just one single asset can be put in the pool to earn rewards. The staking rewards can be the same asset as put in the pool, but the reward can also be a different asset.

Staking pools on decentralized platforms are mostly timely limited, typically for such pools on the BSC is a duration of 1 million blocks, which is approx. 30 days. Especially early participants can earn a tremendous % APR by staking their tokens in a pool.

rANTS/rANTS staking pool on SMBSwap

FireANTS Crypto, inc. proudly presents a rANTS staking pool where you can stake and earn redFireANTS on The pool is ready to start on the 1st of May, so keep your redFireANTS ready for staking!

Special thanks to Yieldfields and SMBSwap for supporting FireANTS!

Meet an active, friendly, and creative community and join the FireANTS family on Discord and Telegram!





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